Vinyl Is On The Rise Again

Vinyl Is On The Rise Again

The record is in demand again like never before. When industry launched the compact disc the end of the LP and single seemed to be sealed. Quite a few experts predicted a slow death for vinyl. That seemed to be the case for a long time. Sales fell, the CD dominated the market. But with the digital revolution, everything changed again. The downloads gradually replaced the physical sound carrier, but the record started a comeback.

David Bowie Was At The Forefront Again

The masses first became aware of this a few years ago. The occasion was the death of the British superstar David Bowie. His last, recently released album Blackstar also sold like hotcakes on LP. The record pulled global sales up again, since then they have exceeded the previous year’s figures every year. On closer inspection, that’s no wonder. In a cold digital age, people have again developed an intense longing for the warm sound of vinyl. The feel, design and smell of the analogue medium also inspire a generation that only knew records from stories. The trend has now become so strong that the press shops can hardly keep up with production. The LP has developed into a lifestyle product in the wake of a retro wave. The medium for lovers has become the medium of choice for music lovers. That proved the sales figures from the USA in the first half of 2020.

Sales Continue To rising

For the first time since May 1986, the sales overtook CD sales. In terms of the number of sound carriers, the silver discs still had the upper hand, but this time consumers were spending significantly more money on vinyl. After all, vinyl lovers are ready to spend more money on their phonograms. You can also see that in the figures from the USA. There, people spent 232.1 million dollars on records in the first half of 2020. That contrasts with sales of just $ 129.9 million for CDs. However, these sensational figures shouldn’t obscure the fact that vinyl is still a niche market. Digital files and streaming dominate the music market.

Nothing will change about that. But the conquest of a niche market with strong growth rates is impressive. LP sales rose by 3.6 per cent in the first half of the year, those of CDs fell by a massive 47.6 per cent. That is certainly also due to the particular circumstances this year. After all, numerous shops had closed for a long time. But it again proves that even such a challenging year in retail had little impact on vinyl sales. Streamed music increased by twelve per cent in the comparison period. Eighty-five per cent of all sales come from giants such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. In the US alone, 72 million people have now taken out a paid subscription. That is 24 per cent more than in the previous year. So the trend is clear and unambiguous. However, those who want to enjoy their music in peace are increasingly turning to vinyl. An end to this boom is not in sight.