The Spielberg Offspring to Release Second Album

Wardell is a musical duo formed by Sasha and Theo Spielberg. The siblings proved that it is not only their father who had the innate talent for production and entertainment. As a rock band, the music of Wardell focuses more on creating indie folk music. Four years after the release of their first album Love/Idleness in 2015, Sasha and Theo Spielberg are excited to announce this August the release of their new upcoming album this fall through their debut single “I am a Man.” The song is highly anticipated after their first EP Brother/Sister followed their first album in 2017.

“I am a Man” and the New Album

“I am a Man” is one of the tracks that would be released in Wardell’s unnamed album later in the fall of this year. The musicians describe their song as a ballad and through its low-tempo melody, Sasha and Theo Spielberg aimed to capture the experiences and issues of childhood especially in the complicated reality of the present time. Some of the lyrics of the song include profound questions on the difficulties of maturity and adulthood. Sasha Spielberg commented on the honesty of “I am a Man” and how the two of them worked out the wording of the song together.

Theo felt that the song was the first to be written for their debut album, but they recorded it last. This shows how “I am a Man” became the anchor or the song that flavored their upcoming album. However, Theo and Sasha took their time with the song’s recording as they wanted to get to the core of the sound blends and the vibe of the song. Theo and Sasha’s personal experiences fueled the making of the album as both of them were recovering from breakups while in the process. Theo even disclosed how they realized that their band was going through the same thing as them as at the time. Both of them realized that their thought patterns matched their feelings of outgrowing their old habits and even their partners.

How Wardell Began their Music Career

How Wardell Began their Music Career
How Wardell Began their Music Career

During the creation of their first EP Brother/Sister in 2017, Theo and Sasha Spielberg worked in the familiar walls of their childhood home. This preceded Theo’s move to New York where he worked booking music for Saturday Night Live while Sasha stayed in Los Angeles and collaborated with other musicians, one of which is Nicolas Jaar. Even from different locales, the siblings worked well to produce their music.

Wardell began in 2010, but Theo and Sasha were already partners in entertaining when they performed together in cover bands and kids puppet shows in their youth. Their song “Opossum,” which was honored as the NPR Song of the Day in 2011, was a college collaboration. “Opossum,” which according to the duo was created after only an hour, brought their band out in the eyes of the national public and their eventual contract with Roc Nation. Later on, they produced their first EP and album and booked a performance on March 2013 in South by Southwest.