The Best Indie-Folk

During the 80s, we bear witnessed to a straight up total decay of the folk genre, then for the second half of the 90s it had a revival thanks to the rise of indie folk.

A new wave of musicians that brought it all back from oblivion and turned it into a musical genre that has been getting popular amongst new generations. In those years when it began to emerge, independent artists who revitalized the genre outside from the set habits of the musical tradition and commercial interests, all without sacrificing the originality of folk but imprinting into the genre a strength and intensity more representative of rock. Likewise, both at the lyrical and instrumental level, big changes can be noted between the folk of previous decades and the new tide that has emerged in the most recent. The new circles of musicians have transformed the genre giving it a dose of sophistication and elegance, transforming this genre of humble origin in one with a level of musical richness and complexity compared to other genres, like blues.


It’s one of the most revered bands in the genre, few musicians manage to produce records as delightful and refined as those offered by the project of the American musician, Zach Condon, a perfect fusion of American and European sounds that elevate folk rhythm to a higher level, very different from what is usually heard. Worth listening is their latest work entitled: Gallipoli.

Julia Jacklin

An Australian singer-songwriter who is undoubtedly one of the strongest promises in the contemporary folk scene. Her music stands out for elegant instrumentation, but at the same time energetic and intense with her fragile and delicate voice. To know her is good to look out for her most recent album: Crushing. Ambiguous lyrics, characterized by tenderness and desolation, self-discovery and self-affirmation framed in thoughtful full of disappointment.

Sister Species

A couple of sisters from Minneapolis who invite people to their world of delicate soundscapes, in a fusion of pop, folk, and bluegrass. Abby and Emily Kastrul brim with elegance and sophistication in their compositions, and in their new album Heavy Things to Move it’s easy to perceive their wonderful ability to experiment without losing their essence.

Steve Gunn

He is one of the most charismatic and respected artists in the North American folk movement, all thanks to the singular tone he has given to his music, genuinely American folk with a European flavor, with sounds that come straight from the British pop of the ’60s and ’80s. His most recent production entitled The Unseen in Between is a clear example of the exceptional levels of this artist.

Lola Marsh

This boy-girl duo, originally from Tel Aviv, in the state of Israel, they bring a pleasantly surprising sound by their combination of indie folk and synthpop. A unique combination that they have succeeded in going ahead it brilliantly beside the wide range of musical records they are able to achieve.

Lucy Dacus

Is one of the emerging values ​​within the North American folk scene. With her first record production, she shows maturity and solidity out of the ordinary. With personal lyrics and very careful and flawless instrumentation, knows perfectly when injecting force to the folk with the energy that characterizes the songs of this southern beauty.

Lucy Dacus