Move over NSync for The Newest Boyband in Town – 5SOS

5 Seconds Of Summer have walked the path that only a few have successfully managed, after constructing themselves from Pop/Punk heroes to a genuine pop band in only five years. From their song ‘She Looks So Perfect to their recent release of ‘Teeth’, they are nearly unrecognizable to the public. A lot has changed since the band’s debut in 2014. For example – The American Apparel – the clothing brand that acknowledged their first song – is no longer ongoing. One Direction is on a break that looks like it could be a permanent decision which has given 5SOS the throne to ascend to the ‘biggest boy band in the entire world’. This band couldn’t have achieved this title if they just stuck to the plan, they constructed years ago.

Hits to The Top

The boy band has transformed themselves into leather-clad wearing individuals from flannelette wearing teenagers. ‘She Looks So Perfect’ was a runaway hit, sung by group members Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin alongside the one and only – Jack Sinclair who contributed to Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco’s songs. The song was #1 in Australia, which landed them their first top 30 in the USA. Their second single ‘Don’t Stop’ made its appearance shortly after and was offered the same treatment – Australia couldn’t get enough, sending it to the top 5 list and which resulted in them also getting their 2nd top 50 in the USA.

It is almost impossible for a band to rise to fame in US standards so quickly, but their loyal fanbase was wholly unstoppable and in love with their music from the early stages. The album they released – almost entirely produced by John Feldmann and Panic!, trailed soon after and immediately shot to #1 in UK, Australia and the US. The third song in the album – called ‘Amnesia’ – that showed a softer and more gentle side to the boys, which resulted in becoming their highest charting single in the USA. Their second album named ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ came out a year later, the alum was another global #1 hit, but failed to produce a song as memorable as ‘She Looks So Good’ although a song named ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ was a catchy and playful hit.

Matching Up to The Success of Their First Album

Fans believe that 5SOS might never be able to repeat the success of their debut in any other song as the boy band were outgrowing their sounds and taste. Young boy bands have taken lifetimes to reach to the top, whereas it only took 5SOS three years to secure their 3rd album – ‘Youngblood’. ‘Want You Back’, one of the songs in their 3rd album – which is a song, that is about who they used to be, who they have morphed into and who they achieve to be in their future that is yet to arrive. They have a variety of songwriters and producers at their disposal. They have indeed transformed from Boys To Men.