How To Discover Music if You Don’t Feel ‘Millennial’ Enough

Music is one of those factors that is acknowledged as a fundamental part of the daily lives of many people, all thanks to the technological development that has characterized this industry. In this sense mobile technology and the proliferation of streaming media have forever changed the ways in which music is accessed, listened and shared and enjoyed in our daily lives.

And although, the music industry is huge and extremely diverse, sometimes people fall into the loop of listening to the same music collection all the time, either because they like it too much or because just don’t know how to find new material. To change this situation, below you will find the best methods to discover new music.

Use Apps

It’s the simplest option, download an app on the cell phone and start listening to new music. The most popular apps are available in free versions (but full versions are paid) in the Google Play and iOs app stores. The most popular are Shazam, Yap Music, Soundtracking, Soundwave, Band of The Day and Indie Shuffle. These cover a wide diversity of genres, but there are thousands of applications specialized in specific genres that can be consulted.

Attention to The Clues of Pop Culture

If you zap on TV you hear something interesting on the music channels, in your favorite series they talk about a new artist or there’s an interview of an emerging artist on the radio, it’s a good idea to download some of that music to expand your current personal top 40 charts

Don’t Underestimate the OSTs

When watching a movie or a series engage your ears as well. If the music is something that immediately catches your attention, downloads that soundtrack, it’s possible to find new or little known artists in these compilations, as well as excellent mixes of classics, like the OST of ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’.

Learning to Dig into the Internet

To find new music and emerging artists there are many sites online that make the process easier, sites such as MySpace, Garageband, Choosik, Elbo, and the Hype Machine are dedicated to helping indie music fans find new music.

Also, follow music blogs, listen to specialized podcasts, pay attention to the Spotify playlist that friends share, let YouTube play a random playlist, listen to online radio from other countries… The truth is that the best finds almost always happen by accident.

Resort to That Hipster Friend

Everyone has a hipster friend who denies being one, but they never miss a show of the local underground bands and knows all the “secret” recitals in the city, and loves going to festivals in the summer. That friend is the person to call when our iPod requires a dose of new music.

Visit Record Stores

Do these places still exist? Yes, and it’s possible to find big treasures on them, in addition, the people in charge tend to be chronic music lovers and always have good recommendations for those who take the time to listen to them.

Visit Record Stores

Check the Artist Lists of Independent Record Companies

Many bands – above all, the indie ones – tend to congregate in the same record companies. There are many well-known labels and many other small ones, all invariably have an interesting catalog that is worth listening to. Even when bands are not related by genre, listening to random music is a great way to expand musical tastes.