EELS Shares a Mindblowing Animated Video for ‘You Are the Shining Light’

The return of EELS has been particularly special. Not as expected, but because Mark Oliver Everett has left aside his most experimental side of recent years heard in recordings like ‘Wonderful, Glorious’ (2013) and ‘The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett’ (2014).

This, to tell the truth, was never a bad period, but deep-down fans are grateful that he has returned to that special sound of ‘Beautiful Freak’ (1996) that effortlessly captivated everyone from the get-go. ‘The Deconstruction’ (2018), is the most recent EELS studio album. After its release, they’ve embarked on a promotional tour around the world. Taking advantage of the occasion, they’ve shared ta nice animated video clip for the single ‘You Are The Shining Light’, which counted with the amazing direction of the animator David Horsburgh. But before talking about the video, we need to talk about ‘The Deconstruction’ album. An album of 15 songs, all short duration: except the first, with the same name as the album, and ‘Rusty Papes’, none exceed the four minutes.

However, these short songs are extremely elaborate and the voice of Mr. Everett, with his peculiar torn, serious, stands proudly, even more than in some of his previous works. The violin and the guitars have a leading role in almost all the songs as delicate contributions that make a difference and make each song stand out from the others. The arrangements in the voice, including that large number of echoes, are essential. The song ‘Deconstruction’ is a perfect example of this, plus a few bits of funk. Finally, you can see a return to the band’s more classic sound with distorted guitars and a more bar sound on songs like ‘You Are the Shining Light’ or the overflowing optimism of ‘Today Is the Day’ with its highly danceable pop rhythms. Almost everyone can agree on the fact that this is an excellent album, a success that didn’t cost him too much, what with his amazing talent. ‘Deconstruction’ is that: fifteen themes that follow each other flowing, without impatience, without distractions.

It also achieves a sympathetic balance with the necessary and fair interludes of ‘The Quandary’, ‘Coming Back and Archie Goodnight’. An indispensable and comforting antithesis that evokes the genius of that first-time EELS, perhaps now more relaxed, but always a pleasure to listen to.The song that accompanies the images of Horsburg has a fresh Yankee sound, in the background, it reflects on the non-linearity of the vital, the unexpected and the chance; also, about the value of constancy, perseverance, and identity. All relevant concepts to glimpse the history, so surprising and tragic, of the artist and composer. A good return after four years without recording. And good for EELS, because when a band is good, they know how to do it. Fans celebrate this new video for ‘You Are The Shining Light‘, a masterful animated production in black and white, directed by one of the geniuses of animation today. In the end, this magnificent video is translated as an existentialist thought that brings back the tragic with a moderate optimistic message. Enjoy!