Innovation and Change: 2019 Coming Releases

Musically speaking, 2018 was the year of the industry taking a long, hard look at itself and asking, “what now?” Excellent releases notwithstanding, the year felt filled with miscellaneous albums that did not share a common trend nor a common goal, but instead had every artist trying to put on different dresses and seeing what would be the best direction to move forward and start the next generation of innovation, from Mitski’s wildly varied “Be the Cowboy” to Kacey Musgraves’ country standard-breaking “Golden Hour”. It is only appropriate then that 2019 follows suit and gives us a new sound, a new era of music to be excited for, away from the ever-tired poptimist adage of “rock is dead”. Due to...

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How To Discover Music if You Don’t Feel ‘Millennial’ Enough

Music is one of those factors that is acknowledged as a fundamental part of the daily lives of many people, all thanks to the technological development that has characterized this industry. In this sense mobile technology and the proliferation of streaming media have forever changed the ways in which music is accessed, listened and shared and enjoyed in our daily lives. (more…)

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The Best Indie-Folk

During the 80s, we bear witnessed to a straight up total decay of the folk genre, then for the second half of the 90s it had a revival thanks to the rise of indie folk. (more…)

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