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Musically speaking, 2018 was the year of the industry taking a long, hard look at itself and asking, “what now?”

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Panda Bear and “Buoys”


Rosalía – “El Mal Querer”

Sometimes there’s a reason why the unexpected ends up being the best, and there’s definitely reason to think that with spanish singer Rosalia’s second LP “El Mal Querer”, which is more a statement of promise and confidence than anything else.

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Panda Bear and “Buoys”
BY Marta

Every four years or so, we have the privilege of a new album by Animal Collective’s quietest and most introverted member, Mr. Noah Lennox. Lennox has chosen to work under his Panda Bear moniker for as early as 1998, and he’s built an impressive catalog...

Jessica Pratt – “Quiet Signs” album review
BY Marta

Impressive and precocious songwriting skills aside, Jessica Pratt’s voice is one of the most enchanting sounds to ever bless the folk singer-songwriter division of the underground. With music that is at times both surprisingly timeless and obviously rooted in a strong psychedelic songstress tradition, the...

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