Innovation and Change

Musically speaking, 2018 was the year of the industry taking a long, hard look at itself and asking, “what now?”

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Panda Bear and “Buoys”


Rosalía – “El Mal Querer”

Sometimes there’s a reason why the unexpected ends up being the best, and there’s definitely reason to think that with spanish singer Rosalia’s second LP “El Mal Querer”, which is more a statement of promise and confidence than anything else.

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Vinyl Is On The Rise Again
BY Marta

The record is in demand again like never before. When industry launched the compact disc the end of the LP and single seemed to be sealed. Quite a few experts predicted a slow death for vinyl. That seemed to be the case for a long...

A Wealth of New Releases from Old Favourites in 2020
BY Marta

2020 has been the ultimate year for new releases from firm favourites spanning the full range of independent music. 90s singer-songwriter superstar Fiona Apple released her first album in 8 years, and Aussie favourite Tame Impala made a triumphant return with his latest album after...

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