Interview Brian Mackay

we interview Brian Mackay about his new album ''Broken Heartstrings''

NBTMusicRadio : The opening track, “Captain of The Moon”, is a nicely ambiguous way to start off the album, as at first glance it seems brave and hopeful, but in reality you are really talking about survivors and the piece becomes more about escaping the NOW through dreams, tell us a little more about this song.

Brian - I wrote the song about a girl I was secretly dating and I would only see her at night and sometimes during the day if she called out of work. All we did was eat and make love. You were right about the hopeful part, I felt like we could always stay this way but neither one of us were growing, hence the world melting down to nothing. And here we are alone now was just that her and I stuck in the parking lot making love under the moonlight.

NBTMusicRadio: The Single “The Day” and the video that comes with it, while attempting to show why the protagonist is the way she is, also seems to be somewhat judgmental towards her. How do you balance making sure the songs are personal while still maintaining the artistic ‘distance’ needed?

Brian - This song was written about a friend who was going through a really bad relationship with a gal like this and I saw it implode and take him spiralling into an abyss of self-doubt. It was written to make him feel better and illustrate it wasn't his fault, because of how she treated him was not a judgement of her, but more of an observation.

NBTMusicRadio : Musically there is a lot of Country Pop feel within the tracks, almost old style Nashville, (done perfectly by the way!) was this something that you deliberately set out to do, or was it a happy result of the recording sessions and the musicians who played on the album?

Brian - I'm a huge fan of old Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, so a little of both would apply here. I was working in Nashville with some of the best session players of that genre, so it was a little of both elements welded together in order to craft the sound the way we wanted to be.

NBTMusicRadio: Were you surprised on how well you have been received in Europe, given that you have a very American feel to the playing and the songs?

Brian - I'm a huge fan of all kinds of music, and I feel the world is too. In matters of the heart, no language barrier exists it's as though feeling is the connection that speaks and the heart listens.