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Musically speaking, 2018 was the year of the industry taking a long, hard look at itself and asking, “what now?”

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Panda Bear and “Buoys”


Rosalía – “El Mal Querer”

Sometimes there’s a reason why the unexpected ends up being the best, and there’s definitely reason to think that with spanish singer Rosalia’s second LP “El Mal Querer”, which is more a statement of promise and confidence than anything else.

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Move over NSync for The Newest Boyband in Town – 5SOS
BY Marta

5 Seconds Of Summer have walked the path that only a few have successfully managed, after constructing themselves from Pop/Punk heroes to a genuine pop band in only five years. From their song ‘She Looks So Perfect to their recent release of ‘Teeth’, they are...

Move over NSync for The Newest Boyband in Town – 5SOS
BY Marta

Boy bands were a sensation during an era when men were looked at as legends of rock and punk music. For young boys to come forward with a music offering was a rare idea that succeeded with the public. Soon, there was no stopping to...

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